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Wire Mesh Fence

Common Applications:
1.Medium security
3.Commercial and Prestigious
4.Schools, Parks and Recreation
5.Modern Locations

Security Fence is a complete welded wire fencing system, able to enhance every architectural style. It is a welded wire fencing system for
 residential, commercial and industrial fencing projects. Our 3D bending fencing enjoy such properties as corrosion resistance, aging 
resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance. Forms of corrosion resistance include electric galvanizing, hotdip galvanizing, 
PVC spraying and PVC coating.
Material: low carbon steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire

Features of Security Fences: 
strong and rigid construction
Attractive and sturdy fence panels
consistent mesh size openings throughout the roll
many uses, depending on the gauge of the wire and mesh size
mesh is completely sealed and protected by zinc coating
Weather proof, corrosion resistance and alkali resistance
Common Applications:
•Medium security
•Commercial and Prestigious
•Schools, Parks and Recreation
•Modern Locations
Fence panel specification
Panel size (height x length) Wire dia Mesh size Surface treatment Folds
1.03mx2.5m 3mm-6mm 50x75mm
1. Electro GI+PVC coated
2. Electro GI+PVC painting(Spraying)
3. hot-dipped GI only
4. Hot-dipped GI+PVC coated/painting
1.23mx2.5m 2
1.5mx2.5m 2 or 3
1.53mx2.5m 2 or 3
1.7mx2.5m 3
1.73mx2.5m 3
1.8mx2.5m 3 or 4
1.93mx2.5m 3 or 4
2.0mx2.5m 4
2.03mx2.5m 4
2.4mx2.5m 4
Post specification
post items Post dia Post thickness Post length
Square post 40x60mm or 60x60mm 1.2-3mm 1.5m-2.9m
Peach shape post 50x70mm or 70x100mm
Round post 38mm, 40mm, 50mm,70mm

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