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New products--cattle panel

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1.Various Livestock Panels We can Supply

⇒Cattle panel can be used as a portable or permanent fencing solution for livestock. 

The Panels are perfect for uneven or steep terrain and the measure 2.1m x 1.8m high and are made out of heavy duty hot dipped galvanised pipe to the Australia standard.

Livestock panels, also named cattle fence, cattle fence panel, livestock fencing, field fence, corral panel, horse panel, steek fence, farm gate, livestock farm fence,cattle round yard, etc. As the name suggests, it mostly used to kept livestocks in the corral.



Type One: Oval Tube Style Cattle Panel Fence(Can be Customized)

Panel heightPanel widthHorizontal Oval RailsVertical Square Frame


Type Two: Square Tube Style Cattle Panel Fence(Can be Customized)

Panel heightPanel widthHorizontal Square RailsVertical Square Pipes


Type Three: Round Tube Style Cattle Panel Fence(Can be Customized)

Panel heightPanel widthHorizontal Round RailsVertical Round Pipes


Type Four:Bending Cattle Panel Fence(More Stable)(Can be Customized)

Panel heightInner PipesFrame Tubes


3. Accesseries Pictures(Can be Customized)


4.Various Cattle Gates can be Chosen(Can be Customized)


5.Loading Ramp(Can be Customized)


Even if you are on the other side of the world, the shipping container through two-month voyage, we promise you will get the brand new fence products!!!

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