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Installation of welded gabions

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Welded Gabions are made from wire mesh produced by one of the world's leading mesh manufacturers. Each gabion is constructed of rugged high tensile wire which is coated with a thick corrosion-resistant layer of zinc. The wire is also available with a tough, durable PVC coating. The use of high quality materials results in a longer, more reliable gabion life. Welded Wire Gabions are supplied from stock in a complete range of sizes. Non-typical sizes to fit your unique site conditions are also available upon request.
Welded Gabions
Easy to assemble

Welded Gabions are shipped to the job site flat. Assembly is easy. No power equipment or skilled personnel are required. Simply raise the sides and connect with the spiral binders.(High tensile "C" rings are available as an alternate fastening system.)

Easy to install

Field installation is quick and easy. With diaphrams and stiffeners installed, the gabion may be filled with standard loading equipment. After filling the gabion, a lid is placed on top and secured with spiral binders, lacing wire or "C" rings. Welded Gabions hold their shape better - they don't bulge out when filled. They are easy to handle, which means more work, less labor and higher productivity on the job.

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