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How to Remove a Wire Mesh Fence Post

Views:27     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-04-23      Origin:Site

Wire mesh fences are made from a variety of materials, such as metal, wood and vinyl, all of which require posts to stabilize their structure. Installing a wire mesh fence should dig a hole, then pour concrete around the fence post. Installing fence posts in concrete creates a strong and durable frame for wire mesh fence. It is necessary to remove the post which is rots, breaks or becomes unstable or can’t serves a purpose. The following text will tell you some methods of how to pull a wire mesh fence post out of the ground.
1. Detach the wire mesh fence from the post. Unscrew the clamps or brackets holding the fencing to the post or pry out staples.
2. Spray penetrating oil on rusty and old screws, it will make removal easier.
3. Dig the ground out surrounding the wire mesh fence post until you reach the bottom of the concrete. Usually you will find a gravel or stone base at the bottom of the concrete structure. If no concrete holds the fence post in place, you should dig down to the bottom of the post.
4. Rock the wire mesh fence post back and forth by hand to loosen it from the tightly packed dirt surrounding the concrete. Push it as far forward as possible, then back and side to side.
5. Lift the wire mesh fence post out of the hole and you may need a partner to help you do this step. Finally, set the wire mesh fence post depending on the amount of concrete.

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