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Holland Wire Mesh

Holland Fence is also known as Dutch Mesh or Wave Welded Mesh.
It can be made of black mild steel wire or galvanized wire,
quality welded on each joint point, PVC PE or PP powder coated the
surface by sulfide treatment, with good adhesion,luster, etc.
The surface treatment also can be electric galvanized,
hot dipped galvanized.

Holland Fence is also known as Dutch Mesh or Wave Welded Mesh. It can be made of black mild steel wire or galvanized wire, quality 
welded on each joint point, PVC PE or PP powder coated the surface by sulfide treatment, with good adhesion,luster, etc. The surface 
treatment also can be electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized.

* High quality iron rod
* Stainless steel wire 
* Low carbon steel wire
* PVC coated wire
Surface Treatment:
PVC, PE or PP powder coated, electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized
Weaving and Characteristic:
The warp bend beforehand is welded with the weft with the surface treated by galvanizing, hot-galvanizing, PVC coating, PVC plating and they have such characteristics as beautiful appearance, smooth mesh, firm welding, good 
beforehand bending property, steadiness, resistance to aging.

Holland wire mesh are used in high quality wire rod as raw material, then welded panel or rolled fence. After galvanization and PVC 
dipped coating, it can resist the corrosive and ultraviolet radiation very strongly.
Holland wire mesh is beautiful and solid, easy to transport and install, widely used for fencing or enclosure in the highway, railway, airport,
 housing area, garden, park, etc. 
Wire diameter(mm)
warp wire X weft wire
Reference size of particles passed Section opening
Approximate weights (kg/square meter mesh) Mesh
Approximate meshes/inch
Warp X weft
28 0.71X0.63 315 14.2 5.42 1.97 7.24X44
32 0.63X0.45 300 20.4 4.04 1.53 8.49X62
40 0.50X0.355 250 21.5 3.16 1.21 10.2X79
45 0.45X0.315 224 21.2 2.84 1.08 11.8X89
(48) 0.45X0.315 212 20.6 2.86 1.08 12.2X89
55 0.40X0.28 180 20.1 2.56 0.96 14.1X100
60 0.40X0.28 160 17.6 2.64 0.96 16.1X100
68 0.355X0.224 160 23.0 2.14 0.803 17.2X125
70 0.355X0.25 140 16.7 2.37 0.855 18.7X112

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