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Concrete Nail

1.Material: #45 steel or #55 steel
2.Feature: flat head, diamond point
3.Length: 1"-5" (25-120mm) 
4.Shank diameter: 2.5mm to 5.2 mm
5.Head diameter:3mm  to 10 mm 
6.Finished: Galvanized/Black 
7.Usage: widely used in construction ,workshop and daily life.

Concrete nail
Carbon steel concrete nail
Steel concrete nail
1)Material: #45 steel or #55 steel
2)Feature: flat head, diamond point
3)Length: 1"-5" (25-120mm) 
4)Shank diameter: 2.5mm to 5.2 mm
5)Head diameter:3mm  to 10 mm 
6)Finished: Galvanized/Black 
7)Usage: widely used in construction ,workshop and daily life.
Packing Details :
(1)25kgs/ctn ,20kgs/ctn ;12kgs/ctn ;10kgs/ctn
(2)50kgs/pp bag ,25kgs/pp bag .10kgs/pp bag 
(3) 50kgs/gunny bag ,25kgs/gunny bag .10kgs/gunny bag
(4)50boxes/ctn ;25boxes/ctn, 16boxes/ctn ,10boxes/ctn, 5boxes/ctn ,4boxes /ctn

Galvanized Steel Concrete Nails (Smooth Shank or Twilled Shank)
Nail Sizes 1.8x20mm 4.2x75mm
Nail Sizes 2x25mm 4.57x100mm
Nail Sizes 3x40mm 4.8x80mm
Nail Sizes 3.4x50mm 4.8x90mm
Nail Sizes 3.8x65mm 5x125mm
Black Concrete Nails/Bluish Concrete Nails
Nail Sizes 2x20mm 2x25mm 2x30mm
Nail Sizes 2.5x25mm 2.5x30mm 2.5x40mm
Nail Sizes 3x30mm 3x40mm 3x50mm
Nail Sizes 3x60mm 3x60mm 3x70mm
Nail Sizes 3x80mm 3x90mm 3x100mm
Nail Sizes 4.2x75mm 4.2x100mm 4.2x125mm

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